Transitional Year for Psych?

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Aug 31, 2000
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Hi all,

Does anyone know of a quick and easy way (other than emailing every one of the programs that I'm interested in) of finding out which programs will accept a PGY1 Year done at a different institution and accept me as a PGY2 for Psychiatry?

Thanks in advance -

-Les T MS4

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Here are two programs that I know seek people for PGY-2 spots,
Johns Hopkins (6 positions, I think)
Columbia (1 position, usually).

I am sure that there are others, sometimes the program website is more informative than FREIDA in this aspect.

Good luck!

I don't know of an easy way - FREIDA has some info. I know of Stanford, New Mexico and Seattle which plan to take some new PGY2s. I think Nevada, Colorado and Davis used to do it but I'm not sure that they still do. Your idea of emailing programs is tedious but it might not be such a bad idea for programs your especially interested in since openings do happen unexpectedly also. Hope this helps. Good Luck.

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I believe that Harvard-McLean is in that category as well.
Thanks for the replies. I emailed the programs I'm interested in (mostly in California and Illinois) and the majority said they only have PGY1 openings. Yes, it was pretty tedious.

I was trying to find a program that would take a PGY1 for Psych because my fiance is trying to match for PM&R, where most programs require a transitional year. I thought it's be easier to stay together if we found a transitional year together, then couples matched as PGY2s together.

Now, I think we're gonna have to couples match me as a PGY1 and her as a PGY2 and she'll just have to scramble for a transitional year wherever we end up (hopefully successfully).

This damn match thing can be sooo stressful! +pissed+

Thanks for the help :)

-Les T.