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Transportation in Stony Brook


Junior Member
5+ Year Member
15+ Year Member
Apr 1, 2004
Hi to those in stony or planning to go...I heard from some students that it's pretty necessary to have a car. I don't have one (yet?)...am I going to survive the first year carless if I go to Stony? I know there's some buses but how about going to the supermarket or restaurants? Thanks for reading!
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7+ Year Member
15+ Year Member
Dec 17, 2003
long island
it will be tough, but I think you would be able to manage. However, without a car you should plan on housing on campus in grad dorms. That way you have access to the SBU bus routes. As far as supermarkets I think 1 of the routes hits up the stores. Most udergrads don't have cars there so they manage somehow.
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