Traveling to NYCOM from Woodside-How long does it take?

Discussion in 'Pre-Medical - DO' started by tnt3, Jan 29, 2002.

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    Aug 15, 2001
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    My interview is tomorrow. Does anyone have any advice on how to get to NYCOM cheaply. I don't have a car. A taxi would cost $50/one way. $30 if i go to LaGuardia airport. How long does it take to get from LaGuardia to NYCOM? 1.5 hours?? Does anyone know?
    Do you guys suggest taking public transportation? I can take the LIRR but I won't get to the Greenvale station until 8:36AM. Then, I have to take a taxi from the train station to NYCOM (10-15min). Is that cutting it too close?
    Lastly, any general advice for the interview? I already looked at interviewfeedback.
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  3. Dr JPH

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    Feb 4, 2000
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    I can't really help you with the travel arrangements, but from what I remember, I got to NYCOM around 8:35-8:45 and there were 4 other people already waiting.

    As far as the interview goes, it was pretty laid back. 2 interview groups, 10 interviewees, so things ran pretty smoothly.

    They had us in this conference room with no windows and one door. The door would swing open and in would walk one of the interviewers. He/She would call a name from the list and off they went.

    They didn't give us an order in which we were to be interviewed, but we didn't ask for one either.

    They gave us an information booklet to look through prior to interviewing, so if you didn't know much about NYCOM before going, you had a chance to read over the stuff...providing you weren't the first one to interview.

    In between interviews we had time to talk and ask the others how everything went.

    periodically someone would check in and see how we were doing. No students stopped by until lunch time when we were getting ready to go on a tour.

    No one from any other departments (financial aid, student life) stopped by during the day.

    Remember, you fill out the secondary while you are there. Bring your check and 2" x 2" picture. Also, have your secondary essay written so you could just transfer it to the form they have. They don't give you much room.

    The admissions staff is extremely nice and very helpful. They are very easy to talk to.

    Good luck with the interview and let us know how it went!

    PCOM Class of 2006
  4. docstarwars

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    Nov 29, 2001
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    i just had my interview last week. i arrived during the afternoon, so the drive from lga to my hotel, which was about five minutes from the school, took 30-45 minutes. the lirr is a good suggestion if you arrive earlier because the taxis on long island can keep you waiting. i waited for one for 30 minutes and missed my train so i had to wait for the next one. also, the taxis are not metered--they run on a zone basis. the taxi ride from my hotel (5 minutes) cost me $16 one way. luckily i met someone at the interview who gave me ride back. in all honesty, if i were you, i would rent a car.
  5. careerchanger

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    Jun 5, 2001
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    rent a car -- there must be some place on queens or norther boulevard where you can get one cheap.
  6. NYCOMScrubs

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    Dec 12, 2000
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    If you're traveling from Woodside, try taking the Port Washington branch of the LIRR to the last stop- Pt. Washington. I think the Pt. Washington branch runs a little more often than the Oyster Bay line. From there you can take a taxi to NYCOM. It's like a fifteen minute ride from Northern Blvd. I would try calling a taxi company before you leave home in the morning. Give them the time your train is supposed to arrive and they should be waiting for you there. A good company is ollie's Airport Service. I know they run out of Little Neck and Great Neck stops, but I'm not sure about Port Washington. If you call up information you can get the #. I would time your train to arrive at least by 8:30. That way you have a little time to spare.
    Good Luck!

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