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Apr 25, 2012
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Looks pretty solid to me. The curriculum nicely addresses CACREP's guidelines. Having a class on personality and having pathology and diagnosis split as two separate classes should serve you well. One of my teachers worked for CACREP for a few years, and it sounded like they worked hard to monitor schools. If it's accredited, you'll likely be OK.

I'm not sure how things work in your part of the US. What do employers think of people who complete this program? Are students happy with the quality of education? Do the faculty have similar interests to you? I'd do a little investigating.

Oh, I'm assuming you're looking at the 60 hour program. The other program wouldn't be CACREP accredited (They require 60 hours). Go with the 60 hour one. This will benefit you if you leave the state.
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Feb 13, 2012
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I live in Texas, where CACREP accredited programs aren't that numerous considering that it's not a staple to become licensed. I was just a little worried thinking of applying to a program that's in a suite of a larger separate building and not a "real" campus based university.


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Apr 3, 2012
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I am graduating in June 2012 with my Master's in Counseling Psychology from Troy Tampa Bay site and they are CACREP accredited and the program is excellent. I took the 60 hour track with the extra class for school guidance and I will always have that back up once I complete the internship in a school system. The faculty are all well trained and are avaialable when you need to speak with them and they will advise you when you make an appointment to apply for the program. I do recommend that you meet with either Dr. Giunta or dr. Messina or both before applying and discuss your long term career goals with them. The main Troy campus is in Alabama and the suite is not bad but it can be cold at times. CACREP is becoming a more popular route with the VA and also if you grduate from a CACREP school obtaining a license with the state is less work that those who do not graduate from a CACREP school.
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