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    I have always wanted to get in to a DO school . Where as on the other hand my DAD who is an MD doesn't think highly of DO's (You know the DO MD war. I am planning on taking my MCAT next year. I was wonder if its too late to try to get in to NYIT's BSDO program (NYCOM) since I haven't graduated from college yet. And is there a way of getting in with out the MCAT score???? and well this is the bad part my GPA is in the 2.(somethings area) I know I know.
    A soul in need of help (becoming a DO is my passion, my hope of living, I have always dreamed of it)
    Is my dads being an MD a negative point on an interview???
    HELP!!! HELP!!!!
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    Is your father ignorant to what a DO really is? Maybe you should talk to him about what DO's really do. I'm not saying your father is stupid, after all he is a doctor, but maybe he never took the time to figure out what Osteopathic Medicine really means.
    I met this 4th year undergrad who was ready to attend Temple U. Med School. When I told him I wanted to bo a DO, he said " you're into magnets and stuff like that?"
    I said "Yeah....kinda like that."

    Education is the key that opens the chest of ignorance.

    Josh Hazelton
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    University of the Sciences in Philadelphia
    "D.O. Wannabe"
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    Most of the students who are in the BS/DO program at NYIT start from the beginning. That is, as freshmen NYIT undergrads. However, it may be possible to transfer. Call Mr. Schaeffer (Director of Admissions) in the Admissions Office at (516)-626-6947 to find out. However, you should be aware that just because you are in the BS/DO program does not mean you will gain admission to NYCOM automatically. You are expected to maintain a competitive GPA. The "cutoff GPAs" which are based on a 4.0 scale are: 2.75 (overall) and 2.75 (science). In addition to this, you must not have a grade below a "C" in Biology, General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Physics and English. Furthermore, a respectable score on the MCAT is a requirement for admission (no cutoff score has been stated). Although I did not come to NYCOM through the BS/DO program, I have a couple of friends who did and this is what they told me.

    We have a lot of M.D. professors at NYCOM and most of them are well respected in their fields. NYCOM is affiliated with 19 hospitals. They are located on Long Island, in the Bronx, Brooklyn and Manhattan. There are also hospitals in Northern (upstate) New York and Northern New Jersey. All NYCOM graduates get in to a residency program.

    I agree with what has been stated above concerning your father. I think his reluctance to let you pursue an osteopathic medical degree is mostly out of ignorance. If you help him look into the matter, I'm sure he'll come around. I don't think the fact that your father is an M.D. will affect you're chances of being interviewed and accepted to a D.O. school. However, the AACOMAS application form does ask a question about having family members who are physicians.

    Good luck. Let me know what happens.

    NYCOM, Class of 2002

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