Trying to get Patient Care Experience Hours

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Jun 30, 2016
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So I'm planning on applying to Physician Assistant school eventually. I'm fresh out of college with a B.S. in Biology and am 21 years old. I have no technical certifications and my only prior work experience has been checking in patients and working in a warehouse. I'm trying to get the patient care hours that I need for an application, but considering that I'm starting from a blank slate, I'm just wondering what avenues would allow me to get a job in the shortest amount of time and with greatest ease.

I have been applying to scribe companies but unfortunately one of the schools that I was very interested in doesn't accept that as patient care, so I was wondering what I could do that's universally accepted.

Thank you for any advice/opinions


Become an EMT-B. It is a one semester class and is in my opinion the fastest route to put you in contact with sick patients.

Good luck.