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tucom interviews

Discussion in 'Pre-Medical - DO' started by vdubpower, Oct 26, 2000.

  1. vdubpower

    vdubpower Senior Member
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    Sep 11, 2000
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    hi, i just recieved notification about a touro interview. its my first DO interview and i am hella nervous. i read that
    it is a panel interview with 4 interviewsers and 5 students, whats up with that.
    please anyone who has been through that can u please sendme some advice on how to prepare, what question i
    may be asked, and how the whole thing goes. are most DO schools holding panel interviews . in these panel
    interviews are they just gonna stick to issue type questions or will they get direct like ask me for instance why i
    got a certain grade in a certain class infront of all the other students. i would truly appreciate all the help i can
    get. thanks a bundle

    [email protected]
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