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Water good...
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Jul 14, 2002
Barnes and Noble, studying as usual.
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Hey all! I just thought that we could put out some threads and get to know each other before the coming August.

I can't wait to start classes, and finally feel like I'm working toward something that I'm passionate about, as opposed to undergrad, where it's hard to get passionate about ten different liberal arts topics that they want you to take. I'm really excited about the campus, although not so much the island itself. The bay area, though, is promising!

Anyway, congratulations to us and let's get to know each other!

Marc :thumbup:


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Mar 26, 2005
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I am a first year at TUCOM-MI and we are getting ready for the last exam of the semester - and I would say most of us can't wait until the Christmas break.

Good luck to all that were accepted..just a little advice:

someone will eventually send you an email about a big sib (a second year) - get one. The advice tends to be invaluable and the help with getting through block exams (one week 8-10 subject exam) may save your sanity.

Enjoy your summer! The first exam out of the chute is biochemistry and it is a must pass - the rest of the course are cumulative. If anyone is weak on the subject and wants some additional info - pm me and I will give you some info about what you need to do. The rest of the subjects are not worth reviewing since you will have more than enough time to learn the material.



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Oct 9, 2004
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Just had to say welcome aboard!

TUCOM c/o 2008
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