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Apr 3, 2002
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As being a reapplicant, I decided that I would be on top of my game and send AMCAS early, send in secondaries w/in a week which I did for the schools I applied too...and I thought i've heard it all on SDN and from applying through last year's nightmare etc...now I have my own experience. I submitted my AMCAS way back in JULY, received most of my secondaries and submitted it in August as I did for Tufts.
I sent in my Tufts secondary and immediately that afternoon, my AMCAS was finally verified. Thus, I thought it would be convenient to print out that AMCAS and mail it RIGHT AWAY so that my secondary and copy of my verified AMCAS would reach at the same time. I called Tufts and told them and they said as long as they receive it on the same day, there should be no problem. SO I FEDEXED the copy of my verified AMCAS to them and it ARRIVED the same day as my secondary. ONE AND HALF MONTHS later, IN THE SAME ENVELOPE, I get my secondary mailed back with a cover letter saying, your application is incomplete execpt for the AMCAS application AND the AMCAS application with a similar cover sheet saying your application is incomplete because its missing everything else. Now, can anyone explain to me how ****** useless can an admissions office be? So I mailed them together, and I get a postcard saying my application is complete. Wow, and I thought I've seen it all....:eek:
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