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Feb 4, 2002
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Hi everyone,

I have recently been invited to Tufts for an interview. :)
So I was wondering if anyone could give me any tips or insights as to the interview schedule or what types of questions they ask.
Mainly I am curious about how they expect us to demonstrate our "public speaking ability"
Is this something new in the interview process?

Well, anyway I was just curious



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Sep 10, 2002
Los Angeles
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First I would like to congratulate you for you interview invitation from Tufts! Well, I went there about 4 years ago when I was applying for the dental school and it was a great experience. You'll be having lunch along with the interviewers. Then, the designated interviewer will take you to his/her office for very informal interview. since you're interview is pretty early, they'll probably try to recruit you as much as possible. So relax and just go have some fun. It's a great school. Good luck.
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