Tufts vs Downstate Part 2

Discussion in 'Medical Students - MD' started by guardian, Jul 25, 2001.

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    I know there is another thread addressing this halfway down the page, but I'm hoping a new thread may ignite more responses.

    I've been pulled off the waitlist from boths schools the past week and I have to come to a decision quickly. I'm looking to career of clinical research and I think I'm pretty much set on that (I'm not exactly sure what exactly, maybe oncology/cancer research...).
    It seems rather common for medical doctors to collaborate with basic research scientists in forming clinical applications.

    I think both schools are equally competetive (maybe Tufts is more so). And for primary care either school would be fine. But it seems to me that Tufts is better suited for providing the track I mentioned earlier. Tufts has an electives program open to research, a senior thesis program, and seem to encourage students interested in clinical research. In addition, a quarter of the physicians at their primary teaching hospital have some connection to research.

    On the other hand, Downstate is ranked 7th in terms of how their graduates rank in faculty positions at other schools. Which would indicate that Downstate would be strong in providing a track to academic medicine.

    Please voice your opinions and input. Very much appreciated!
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    I responded to your post in the pre-allopath. forum.


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