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tulane and nymc

Discussion in 'Pre-Medical - MD' started by tufts02, Nov 7, 2002.

  1. tufts02

    tufts02 Member
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    Sep 23, 2002
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    have any of you had a similar experience?

    i called tulane yesterday to check on the status of my application and they said that they would be "sending me an invitation for an interview on january 15th." is it just me or is it odd that they would wait until january 15th to send me a letter? it's making me second guess what i actually heard but i don't want to call again and be an annoyance.

    also, does anyone have any impressions about nymc that they'd like to share b/c ive heard very mixed things about the school.

  2. Joe Joe on da Radio

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    Mar 12, 2002
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    nymc is pretty decent imo...the location is good since it's near NYC (40-minute cheap train ride), and housing is provided on-campus for the first 2 years (short walking distance to and from classes) and a lottery system for university-owned apartments in manhattan for 3rd and 4th years.

    the campus is pleasant to the eye, the facilities are very nice, and the location of the campus itself seems very safe (think suburb).

    their students have a reputation for doing very well on step 1, since they incorporate practice usmle's into the curriculum. they have a pretty strong matchlist (lots of matches to mayo clinic, radiology, etc.).

    for me, i felt like the school lacked "charm," in that there wasn't really anything unique of the school, it's curriculum, and extracurricular opportunities for students. kind of trivial, but that's what i came away with.

  3. aquaboy

    aquaboy Surfer, sailor, swimmer!
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    Oct 14, 2002
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    Last year I received my letter from Tulane inviting me for an interview in Sept. and didn't have my interview until Dec. They interview a lot of applicants so be patient and maybe call occassionally and see if they have interview slots that open up. They seem to be pretty accomodating so keep in touch with them!
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