Tulane Students, any advice?

Discussion in 'Medical Students - MD' started by Cal2Lane, May 29, 2002.

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    To any Tulane Students,

    Do you all have advice for first years? Perhaps a do/don't list?

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    Congratulations on getting into medical school!!! I'm sure you're excited.

    Some ideas to consider: You will be flooded with suggetions/advice from faculty, "upperclassmen", and your fellow students on how to study and what books to purchase. I suggest that you just relax. If you're bright enough to be accepted, you're bright enough to do just fine in medical school. The key is to relax. At first, you'll wonder how anyone could get through first year, how anyone could learn the mountain of material you'll be expected to learn.

    Slow and steady is the way to go. I recommend doing a little each day. You don't have to memorize Netter in one month. You'll have plenty of time. If you freak out like most first-years do, and study 24/7, you're going to burn out. Remember, New Orleans is the The Big Easy. Maintain a good attitude and you'll be surprised at how much you learn and retain.

    Also, it's crucial that you abstain from studying periodically. Go for a jog, lift weights, read a good book, drink beer...Not studying is very refreshing, and helps you focus when you do sit down to understand the the myriad causes of peripheral edema.

    Finally, be systematic. There is a TON to learn. Learn it well the first time. After that, it's just review. It's imperative to understand what you're being taught, especially physiology. This stuff isn't like calculus. It will keep coming up over and over and over again (believe me!!!). Memorization is all too often the default mode for frantic med. students. They learn what they need to learn for the test, vomit it up, and forget it by the following Monday. I've been down that crowded street plenty of times. Take it from me, it's inefficient at best.

    There are plenty of other "tips" I could spit out at you, but you'll probably here them soon enough. Try to be systematic, it's the best way. You'll feel relaxed and at ease when it comes time to take your boards!

    Above all else, have fun!

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