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Two weeks away. How to improve CARS score?


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Feb 23, 2017
  1. Medical Student
    I just took the AAMC Full Length Practice test 2. My scores are as follows:

    C/S: 130
    CARS: 124
    B/B: 131
    P/S: 129

    How can I go about improving my CARS score? Any strategies/methods that might help. To be honest, I currently have no strategy to how I do CARS. I read, look for main idea, and answer the questions.


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    Jul 20, 2014
    1. Medical Student
      In my opinion, your strategy is the right one; take your time reading the passage, then answer the questions in the order they are presented.

      I would recommend taking or retaking all AAMC CARS material (especially the question packs) and understanding the answers you got wrong. Unfortunately you're unlikely to see much an increase in your score over a short time.:/


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      Jun 2, 2016
      Houston, TX
      1. Medical Student
        When going through CARS, I read the passage and jot down the main idea from each paragraph of the passage. That way when I mark questions or am answering questions, I know where to search for the information regarding the question, which I think is a wise investment in time and effort. But also because this method takes more time, you'll need to work on the speed by which you read/complete each passage.

        Other than that, just keep practicing!


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        May 22, 2016
        1. Medical Student
          Some ideas:
          1. Buy the two AAMC cars practice packs
          2. Go back through all the cars passages you did before and read every single word of why the wrong answers are wrong and why the right answer is right.
          3. Sometimes, rather than looking for the "right" answer, look for the "least crappy" answer. Often the choices are intentionally ambiguous so you are forced to choose.
          4. In order to choose the least crappy answer, use the strike out feature and strike out choices from most crappy to least crappy.
          5. For some, turn off the timer and really try hard to get every single question right. Do one of the question packs with solutions on so you can get immediate feedback.
          6 Stay positive, don't get discouraged and do passages every day!

          Goo luck!
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