TX pre-match numbers

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Jan 26, 2007
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hey guys!

i just came back from a meeting w/ my college's pre-med advisor...he's active in the state health science advisor's organization (TAAHP), and he went to a meeting the other day regarding the match process.

anyways, i've been reading some of the "republic of texas..." threads, and i figured some of y'all might find these stats interesting:

4000+ applications this year
from oct 1-oct 15 = 1000+ applications were turned in

texas has 1062 spots
879 of those spots were filled in the prematch = 83%, so that means only 183 spots were left after the prematch offer period
out of those 879, 477 applicants got multiple offers and 402 received 1 offer

only 21 people moved up in the match

those that pre-matched = mean gpa: 3.7 ; mean mcat: 30.3

basically, our advisor was telling us to get those applications in early!


and you had to start a new thread just for this instead of posting in the republic of TX threads you've been reading?