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Typical "Chances" post, would appreciate insights

Discussion in 'Pre-Dental' started by Clueless, Jun 12, 2008.

  1. Clueless

    Jan 12, 2007
    Likes Received:
    Typical question I know but I would still appreciate the insights. A bit long winded but I would prefer to give as much info as possible

    I am 28. A couple of years ago I decided to quit my job as a Social Studies teacher and go into a post-bacc program. Went to the Program at the University of Vermont, hit a wall with physics there and moved down south with my wife to take physics at the school she teaches at. My grades are good overall (so far) but I am expecting no better than a “C” in my upcoming physics courses. During the next two semesters I will be taking physics and working, no other classes, I don’t know if that looks good.

    I honestly did not know what field of health sciences I wanted to go into when I started, I’ve considered D.O., and Nursing, but lately have been leaning towards dentistry. I do not yet have any hours shadowing a Dentist, but do not intend on applying until Physics I is over. I would like to roll out my stats ( One other issue is that my grades are coming from six separate schools, even though all the core pre-reqs except physics are from UVM) and get feedback from anyone nice enough to take their time to look this over. Thanks

    Undergrad GPA Hartwick College: 3.426 BA History / Teacher Certification

    Graduate GPA The University of Scranton: 3.83 MS Eduation

    Broome Community College Courses

    Pre A and P: A
    A and P 1: A
    A and P 2: A

    Post Bacc Pogram University of Vermont:

    Intro to Psyc: A
    Healthcare Systems: B+
    Bio I: A
    Bio II: A
    Chem I: B+
    Chem II: A-
    Orgo I: B+
    Orgo II: B
    Biochem: A-
    Phys 1: W

    Community College of Vermont Courses:

    Microbiology: A
    Intro to Nutrition: A
    Developmental Psyc: A

    Catawba College:

    Phys 1: Will take this fall (Expecting C)
    Phys 2: Will take this Spring (Expecting C)

    At time of application will have worked for 3 years as an in home aid to the elderly/disabled

    50+ hours on a research project on health literacy

    No Idea what my DAT will be yet

    Zero hours thus far shadowing Dentist, working to remedy that.

    Thanks again to any who look this over, any insights would be really helpful, optimism is appreciated but honesty preferred.

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