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Oct 10, 2007
Jacksonville, FL
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These threads from St. Pete and Gainesville have me disappointed. Did anyone else pick the Jax campus but me??!?! LOL

I was at the May 5th interview, was anyone on SDN there? If not what about any of the other interviews? We're gonna be getting to know each other well pretty soon so we might as well start!

If you're new to Jax and want any kind of information about where to live, where to eat, where to party, just let me know.. I used to live here so I'm pretty familiar.

I'm 26, born and raised in N.C., spent the last 8 years in the Navy, 4 years in Jax and 4 years in New Orleans. Now coincidentally back here for Pharm school. Been married for 5 years, with an 11 month old boy who kicks a$$! I'm looking forward to the complete 180 my life is taking right now. So far so good!

Congrats to everyone who got accepted to all campuses... just trying to
touch base with the people I'll be working with. Good luck to everyone! :hardy: