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Discussion in 'Physician Scientists' started by jot, Aug 1, 2002.

  1. jot


    hey guys - i just got an e-mail from pitt about mstp. they said you have to include that cover letter from each recommender to get your app complete. i e-mailed a guy there, dan papula, who was really prompt and friendly but said the following: "The reason that we require the cover letters is more for the category
    rankings that are on them. We like to have an exact form for each applicant
    so that we have a means of comparison. Please try your best to get two of
    your recommenders to fill these out. Your application will go through the
    preliminary reviews without them, so the timing of their arrival is not
    extremely urgent. We do require them, however. "

    i absolutely cannot get 2 of my main recommenders to fill it out (out of the country for an extended period) for a looong time. should i even bother applying to pitt then? i like the school a lot - but if they will not consider me 'cause of this then there is no point.

    the general consensus for other schools was that it wasn't requisite to get these cover letters right? ach. logistics. :D

  2. Bikini Princess

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    May 26, 2002
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    Maybe you should write a cogent letter explaining why you're unable to have the forms completed, include in with your LOR packet, and I think they'd understand.

    I've heard that no code can cover all contigencies; I don't know that it would delay your interview, if you just explain it to them. :)
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  3. DW

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    Although i'm not cool enough to be applying MSTP, I must interject that schools that require special LOR forms are just the absolute whackness. Come on, they all know most of us applying to at least 10 schools,and dont have premed committees, and they all want something different (some what 2 sci and one non sci, some want grad profs, some want deans, research heads, that homeless guy you fed at the soup kitchen, etc).

    Cant you just find the damn ssn/amcas id at the top of the lettter, file it with my 15 pages of AMCAS printout and MCAT scores that costs me 30 bucks, and call it a day so i wont have to keep going back and forth to my evaluators and pissing them and me off more and more with extra forms? Does not that extra labor come with my 80 dollar application fee?

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  4. OP


    hah - agreed and a half. but its their rules, and i wanna play ...

    though i don't think i'm going to send the cover letter to pitt, cause its just not feasible. ah well - it would be too bad to reject me cause of that, a friend of mine had recently talked up the school hardcore. was looking forward to checkin it out. we'll see what they do, it isn't over yet.
  5. Premed2003

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    Apr 19, 2002
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    Is this cover letter only for MSTP applicants, or also for MD applicants?

    Where did you find this cover letter if it's also for MD applicants?

    Also, how substantial an ethical dilemma are you writing? Mine seems so trivial.
  6. Neuronix

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    Mar 14, 2002
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    It is for MSTP applicants only. I think they like to give us MSTP people a harder time than MD applicants for some odd reason.

    My ethical dilemma was pretty substantial, but it wasn't one where I was a part of the decision making process, only one who was effected by decision. It could backfire on me, who knows. I've had a pretty difficult life, but it's mostly been forces I couldn't control until I got to an age where I could make my own decisions.

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