UC Berkeley, George Washington GCATS, and Washington University (St. Louis)


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May 11, 2020
  1. Pre-Medical
    I decided to apply to a few post-bacc. programs at the beginning of this year and I have received acceptance from:

    UC Berkeley
    George Washington GCATs
    Washington University St. Louis

    I am waiting to hear back from CWRU.

    I am unsure on which post-bacc to choose to attend. I really want to improve my science and cumulative GPA so I can be more competitive for MD schools. Im not eligible for the linkages some of these programs have. I've heard that Washington University (St. Louis) has a lot of grade deflation similar to my undergrad school too and Im hoping to avoid that. Any advice?

    These are my stats: cGPA 3.45 with a major Public Health and a minor in Biology. I took all my pre-reqs for medical school and I had a strong upward trend in academics after my Freshman year.

    My ECs:
    - 1 year shadowing a MD
    - 1 year working on two public health projects + Honors Practicum
    - 1 year officer position + volunteering in Mexico and India for 3 years
    - About 300+ hours volunteering in hospitals
    - 1 year research
    - Worked as a TA and was a resident advisor
    - Worked as a tutor

    Thank you in advance!
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