UC Davis Integrated Plastic Surgery Program Visiting Rotation for Year 2020


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Mar 6, 2016
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    The UC Davis Division of Plastic Surgery is seeking Sub-I's to rotate with us for the 2020 - 2021 academic year. We recently adjourned interviews for the 2020 Integrated Match and can say that a month spent with us is a month well-invested, whether or not you end up at our institution for residency training.

    Opportunities will exist to help our residents take call, work up hand and facial trauma consults (including bedside suture repairs and fracture reductions), as well as to function as a plastic surgery resident, scrub complex wound and breast reconstruction, and participate in all intra- and extra-mural Division activities, including Tuesday Grand Rounds, Education Conferences, M&M, and a monthly Journal Club, Past Sub-I's have all agreed that the "hands-on" component makes the Acting Intern month more like a month of actual plastic surgery residency training!

    We adhere to all ACGME and RRC regulations, including compliance with duty hours and clinical expectations for residents and medical students alike.

    Due to the current uncertainties surrounding COVID-19, GME at UC Davis has imposed restrictions regarding students who are eligible to apply. Students must be medical students enrolled in US medical schools and meet one of the following criteria:
    1. Have no integrated or independent plastic surgery residency program at his/her medical school
    2. The student is required to do away rotations to graduate from his/her medical school.

    Please PM me with your interest and I can direct you to our Program Coordinator, Marissa Valentin-Clark as well as our Program Director, Dr. Michael Wong, to help make arrangements for a Sub-I month. You may also DM us on Instagram @UCDavisPlasticSurgery


    The UC Davis Plastic Surgery Residents
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      Haha - I'm glad y'all are still using my SDN 'ad' from when I was Chief Resident. Honestly, though, it's a great opportunity for a SubI who doesn't have to compete with other SubIs the same month and get the true experience of an Acting Intern at a busy Level 1 trauma center. While it doesn't guarantee you a residency spot, the month is well worth the investment, and a California letter of recommendation will catch the eyes of PDs for at least the West Coast programs.
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