UC Davis vs OHSU vs Einstein


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Feb 29, 2004
    Just wondering if anyone has any insight/advice they would like to share about any of these schools? Typical day for MS I & MSII at any of these schools? I would aprpeciate both positive & negative feedback re: experiences at these schools. Thanks!


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    Apr 21, 2002
      If you're a California resident, UCD would be the way to go. Even with instate tuition increases, I think you would still be saving thousands coming here. As far as quality, I think UCD really goes out of it way to accomodate its students. The curriculum is a blend of lectures and PBLs, which can sometimes make for long days. However, the quality of teaching overall is excellent except for a few lecturers. The city of Davis is very peaceful and relax. And although I think Einstein probably provides excellent clinical experiences, Einstein is the complete opposite of what Davis is, in terms of environment. I heard OHSU is a great school but I don't know much else about it. PM me if you want more info about davis, i'll be glad to help


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      Jul 25, 2001
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        OHSU is fine, I guess. Nice people, laid-back atmosphere, pretty low-key in general. Class from 8 until 12 every day, and one afternoon a week you have a clinical preceptorship, and then another afternoon you have the Principles of Clinical Medicine class which is universally reviled by the students. Everybody hates it, year after year, but the faculty have shown no interest in significantly addressing this issue. It's easily the worst aspect of OHSU (maybe the only really "bad" thing), but thankfully it's a relatively small part of the whole. Because there is a little less classroom time than at other schools, you are sort of expected to do a lot of self-guided study. Which is fine with me because I never go to lecture anyway.
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