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Sep 14, 2018
Still waitlisted at my #1 but any help here would be much appreciated!
A little about me -- most important factors are cost, location, student lifestyle, and school "reputation" for lack of a better term...and as of now I think I'm most interested in basically the more competitive "lifestyle" specialties.

  • location (very, very, very strongly want to stay in southern CA for residency and beyond)
  • cost (~$50K/yr [even cheaper if I can get on-campus housing])
  • less than a 2 hour drive from home
  • on undergrad campus
  • free iPad lol
  • H/P/F grading M2
  • small class size (~100 students per class)
  • hospital is ~30 mins away from main campus
  • no Second Look?!
  • campus/student life felt a bit dead to me...not sure why, maybe this is just my impression of suburban Irvine...
  • low prestige/ranking??
  • large class size (~200)
  • prestige of Gtown brand
  • really liked D.C.
  • innovative yet flexible curriculum
  • on undergrad campus
  • cost! (~75K/yr)
  • really far from home
  • east coast weather
  • need a car
  • cost (they gave me a merit scholarship so ~$48K/year)
  • true P/F
  • they have been extremely responsive/engaged post-interview and seem to really, really care about their students!
  • close to NYC
  • on undergrad campus
  • seem to be climbing in reputation? they also seem very focused on trying to become a top-tier school
  • PBL-based curriculum
  • mandatory attendance
  • really far from home
  • east coast weather
  • small class size (~100)
  • low prestige/ranking (both USNews and residency PD ranking but idk how accurate this is...)
  • not close enough to NYC to escape the boring-ness of Hempstead lol
  • need a car
  • just didn't vibe well with the school on interview day for some reason idk why

  • cost (~54K/yr)
  • large class size (~200)
  • amazing clinical facilities
  • will hopefully be forced to improve my Spanish lol
  • weather!
  • Miami is fun
  • don't need a car
  • far from home
  • reputation/ranking??
  • didn't really vibe well with other interviewees on interview day but I don't think this is too important
  • not on undergrad campus


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Dec 29, 2014
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If you want to stay in SoCal then you would be going to UCI without a doubt.
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Aug 17, 2016
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UC Irvine feels dead because Orange County sucks. Endless suburban sprawl.

That being said, going to a school in socal will help your chances tremendously. I think it is a well regarded school in California.
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