UCF vs. Creighton

Feb 19, 2020
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    160K for Creighton? Wow! I thought their COA was like low 80s since tuition alone is almost 60K? They mentioned that scholarships were fairly scarce but good for you.

    I interviewed at Creighton and absolutely loved the program (WD from the WL after getting accepted elsewhere). I have been told that preclinical grades aren't a huge factor when applying to residency so I wouldn't really consider that too heavily in your decision. The med students I spoke to at Creighton said there is no shortage of research opportunities particularly clinical ones and I feel like Omaha is the perfect size for a busy student with enough to do to not be bored out of your mind on free days but not be terribly distracted. Also, Phoenix is fairly close to CA. Much more doable on a weekend off than Orlando to CA.

    Honestly, I would choose Creighton. Your cons for them pale in comparison to UCF's cons.


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    May 16, 2018
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      I would choose anything over graded preclinical - that's so much extra, unnecessary stress. It looks like 8 people from UCF matched into a CA residency program (8/120) and Creighton had 15/165 so that's kinda similar. A lot of where you match for residency is self-selection if that makes sense. Having geographical ties to an area (you went to college there, you grew up there, etc.) can help with that or away rotations. I'd choose Creighton
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