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Jan 24, 2006
  1. Medical Student
    I am confused about the differences in programs at UCLA...

    so there are four programs to my understanding:

    1. UCLA Geffen
    2. UCLA/Drew
    3. UCLA/UCR Thomas Haider

    I know Geffen is more of the traditional school, while Drew is concerned with serving in underprivileged areas (or am i wrong?).... however, what is the UCLA/UCR and UCLA PRIME? can someone please elaborate, i can't find any distinguishing info on the net... thank you!!


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    Apr 25, 2008
    1. Attending Physician
      UCLA/UCR is for applicants who went to UCR undergrad only. You do your first two years at UCR and your clinical years at UCLA.

      UCLA PRIME, much like UCLA/Drew has an emphasis on training doctors to treat the underserved. Seems like most people who apply to one apply to the other as well...
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      May 13, 2008
      1. Medical Student
        First off, here are links to the aforementioned programs (you may already have theses, but here they are just in case)

        Drew/UCLA: http://www.cdrewu.edu/com/admissions.htm
        UCLA PRIME: http://www.medsch.ucla.edu/uclaprime/program.htm
        Geffen: http://www.medstudent.ucla.edu/prospective/admissions/default.cfm?pgID=3

        UCR is irrelevant b/c I am assuming you did not go there to undergrad, because if you did you'd know what it is.

        Basically the program at Drew allows you to reap the benefits of the world renowned faculty at UCLA in your first two years, while benefiting from the experience and opportunity of doing your clinical years in South-Central Los Angeles. The focus of the program is a commitment to serving underprivileged populations. Secondary screening is competitive (not so much in terms of MCAT and GPA but with ECs) as you should have proven experience with helping under-served populations.

        UCLA PRIME is a dual degree program that requires five years; you get a masters in basically whatever you want in addition to the MD so long as it relates to your healthcare goals. This program also stresses a commitment to under-served populations, but includes a masters degree.

        Geffen is your regular admissions.

        *UCLA PRIME and Drew/UCLA secondaries will be released in September. At least that is what I was told from the admissions people at UCLA.


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        Nov 21, 2007
        1. Resident [Any Field]
          Forget about the UCR program. That is just for UCR undergrads, and they don't even take classes at UCLA (they just do rotations at affiliated hospitals for the last 2 years). The program will also be ending in 2012 when UCR opens their own school.

          Drew and Prime are just like tracks at Geffen with no real difference. Drew Medical Center is closed so there is no difference in classes or rotations of students. Prime is exactly the same as Geffen except they take an extra year to get an MBA or MPH, which anyone at Geffen can also do without being in Prime.
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