UCSB Biopsych vs UCSD Psych , Pre-health/PA

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UCSB Biopsychology vs UCSD Psychology

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May 23, 2016
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desperately looking for input:
Im a transferring undergrad, I was accepted into a Pre-psychological and Brian sciences program at UCSB and into the Psych program at UCSD. Im pursuing becoming a PA so i need to keep my gpa up. im in love with SD. however the program at SB allows me too choose between a BA in psychology or a BS in Biopsychology which was the major i initially wanted to study. Im conflicted because I really like SD and if im not mistaken its a higher ranked school however im concerned about how competitive it is and if it would be possible to switch to a science major (cognitive science possibly). however im not too certain if my major is of that much importance for PA school assuming i completed pre-reqs on the side. SB i know for sure is a great school too but i dont see myself being as happy/motivated there however i think it may be a bit easier to focus on my studies since its a college town versus a city. i know ultimately the decision comes down to me however i would really appreciate other perspectives especially coming from psych or pre-health background.


The BA/BS distinction is irrelevant esp. if your goal is to become a PA. However, this is really a better question for the PA thread.