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Jul 30, 2002
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Hi All,

I was wondering whether any of you at some of these institutes or even other top 20 institutes know of specific mentors that are just exceptionally great and welcome students and teaching--that might be willing to work with me in some research this summer. I am going to be completing my first yr in may and have june and july off. I am interested in doing some research at a prestigious university. When I emailed some of the schools--they said they are receptive to having students from other institutions but it was upto me to find a mentor and contact them. Well these are exceptional research facilities and there are hundreds of mentors, even in specific areas-so I am a bit lost. I was wondering whether any of you working with mentors can give me some names or suggestions. I am interested in cardiovascular research and Imuunology and infectious disease research. I have been working on immunology and cardiovascular research since the past yr at my home school--university of missouri, kansas city. Please let me know of any mentors that I may be able to contact that you all have had some experiences working with or have heard of. I will really appreciate it. I know some institutions have some programs for summer research but I think I have past those deadlines becuase I just foundout that I will not take any classes this summer. Thanks for your input.
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