Dec 14, 2019
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UCSF *OOS but I can get in state tuition after 1 quarter, so I will only be non-resident for fall 2021

  • well known school. has specialities in case I would want to go into one.
  • just lowered class size to 60 instead of 90 so more individual time with faculty
  • P/F
  • diverse city/school
  • offered scholarship + in state tuition after first quarter + waive health insurance fee so about 12k off first year - total would be 60k for first year (just tuition + fees) and will be about 16k off d2 year - total around 64k second year. total over the four years coming to around +/-260k. This is just tuition plus fees.
  • some family lives nearby, boyfriend will be 1 hr away for D1 year only.
  • specialities - harder cases go to residents and I am thinking I want to be a GP so I want as much clinical experience as possible. Have also heard the clinical experience is just average.
  • I am not into research so that aspect is not that appealing to me.
  • HIGH cost of living.
  • I am unsure if I'd like the city life. I come from a very small town.
U of Utah *OOS and CANNOT get in state but was offered 10k scholarship/yr

  • clinical experience very good - Many students say they feel prepared to go into private practice.
  • Very small class size - 50
  • Salt lake is beautiful and reminds me of home. very outdoorsy.
  • nice new facility
  • low cost of living - can find a pretty good room for 600-800. and possibly high quality of life?
  • culture in salt lake - I am not LDS so I am unsure how I would fit in. have also heard that many are married and already have kids.
  • more expensive since I'll be OOS. around 76k/yr without cost of living so total around 304kish total.
  • new school so I am unsure what the future holds for the school.
I come from a very small town in a state that does not have a dental school. I plan to either move back there or move to WA or somewhere with low cost of living with S.O. after school and start my own practice. However, I am not completely sure if I want to specialize so I guess I want to keep that door open? .... but i am fairly sure I want to be a GP. I guess my biggest concern is the high cost of living + average clinical experience vs low cost of living + good clinical experience. In the beginning I was dead set on Utah but after talking to others at UCSF and receiving the scholarship + in state I feel like that might be the best decision but I am nervous I am making a "bad" decision even though I know there isn't a bad decision here.

any help is appreciated, and if you have questions please comment and I'll answer them soon! thanks guys.

O Cabra

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May 18, 2017
Salt Lake City, UT
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  1. Pre-Dental
Your costs will be similar with UCSF possibly being more expensive because of the high cost of living unless you have a bunch of roommates or live outside of SF. If that’s the case, go to the cheaper school.
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