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UCSF vs. Harvard-MIT HST


New Member
15+ Year Member
Apr 1, 2004
Hey. I was wondering if there is anyone that is deciding between UCSF and the Harvard-MIT Health Science Technology MD Program? I am from the Bay Area in CA and definitely want to return for residency and to practice, but I am game to explore more places (I spent my whole life in the Bay Area and I am now finishing my undergrad at Duke in NC). I was just wondering if anyone has any good advice on this, as I keep going back and forth between the two programs.


Senior Member
10+ Year Member
15+ Year Member
Feb 20, 2003
they are so different that this isn't a usual 'duke vs penn' sort of thread. hst is intense and engineering/research heavy whereas ucsf is much more laid back. financially they would be roughly equal because of the various grants/ta-ships/research$ that hst gives out. i would have chosen ucsf, even though i have a strong enough quantitive background and am heading into research/med - i didn't like the structure/curriculum/separation of the hst program - though it is perfect for some people. completely depends on which direction you see yourself heading in - no one can answer that but you.
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