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Apr 14, 2008
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I am having a hard time making a choice between UCSF and Tufts. I currently live in Boston and used to live in San Francisco. I plan on specializing. Any advice or information would be really helpful. thanks!


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Sep 16, 2006
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hey buddy,

i guess you can't go wrong w/ either school. i gotta say i miss the fall, and boston sports (picked the worst possible time to leave, eh?).

i'm enjoying ucsf alot, but that's heavily dependent on your fellow classmates and how open you are in terms of getting to know them. the instruction is pretty good at the school, everyone has complaints but nothing major.

however i'm happy to avoid the boston winters =)

what else.. residency can be achieved w/i a year, at the latest by the winter qtr of your 2nd yr. ultimately you pay $16K more than fellow CA students, but still less than tufts.
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Sep 7, 2006
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You definitely would be better off going to UCSF vs tufts. I have friends in tufts, and who have graduated from there. The cost is exponential. Think about it from a point of view as if you've just graduated. Think about the debt. Every dollar more you spend is less in you and your families pocket. And, if trying to buy in to a practice, or start your own, being over $300grand in debt can make that quite difficult.

Not to mention if your dorming there, its communal bathrooms and cramped locations. (As I said I have friends there)

I interviewed at UCSF, it was beautiful, spacious and overall a great experience, compared to the congestion of boston and cramped school. Which not to mention is currently undertaking 2 years of contruction on there dental school, breaking up your lab/clinics.

And the kicker- The elevators are being shut down so all will be required to use the stairs to travel up to the clinics and classrooms.

Definitely look UCSF instead of tufts.

Good luck!


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Apr 12, 2006
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Note that UCSF isn't necessarily significantly cheaper than Tufts, especially if the OP is out of state. UCSF, for me, would have been > or = to my expense at Pacific.

That of course is assuming you can't easily become a Ca resident after a year or something.
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