May 16, 2020
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Hi all
so for this summer I was accepted to UPenn's UCSP, Undergraduate Clinical Scholars, and USSP, Undergraduate Student Scholars-- both seem to be centered around the same curriculum, doctor shadowing/talks/research presentation so I'm conflicted which to pick. If anyone has any insight on these or has done them/knows which one would be more respected for med school apps it would be much appreciated!!
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Oct 2, 2019
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Did you hear back already from applying to UCSP recently or defer your acceptances from last summer? I know UCSP was just due on january 8th, not sure about USSP
Jan 11, 2021
Both are about equally respected since their host organization/application process is so similar. I'd say USSP is more GI/clinical research focused, whereas UCSP is more nephrology/liver and clinical/public health research focused. If you can, consider reviewing the research your mentor(s) are doing to see whose work you're more interested in. Congrats on the acceptances and good luck!

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