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Nov 6, 2001
    I was curious about how you feel about safety at UH. I was looking at the crime statistics for the campus, and I was taken aback by some of the numbers. Do you feel safe on campus? Would you ever think about walking alone on campus at night? Is the neighborhood around the unversity "safe"?
    Just a few more questions...As far as living arrangements go, I would prefer to live on campus my first year. It seems like Cougar Place and Cambridge Oaks are the two popular choices for professional students? Do you have any advice on which you would choose? Did you live in either?


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    Jun 15, 2001
      I go to UofH too, however I'm not in the Optometry college yet, I'm still doing my undergrad. And whenever I'm on campus I'm never worried about safety. However, certain areas around campus, might be places where I wouldn't really go by myself, but then I never have a need for that either. I don't live on campus, I live at about half an hour away from UofH, so I'm usually not on campus at night, but my friends that do live on campus, haven't complained about anything regarding safety yet :)


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      Apr 25, 2001
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        I commute, so I'm not on campus at night. But, I do have friends who live at Cougar Place.. they like being near campus. The crime rate is high because of the part of town the campus is in.. but the OD school is in the far corner of campus and you really never ever set foot on the main campus (unless you REALLY need coffee).

        Most of us don't study at school late because the library closes at 10pm. We go to Rice University and study at their 24 hour library (it's really nice)

        But, no.. I've never even though of campus security.. but I always walk with friends at night and we always study somewhere else. (rice if only five minutes from our campus.. and where I was this evening.. I just got home)


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        May 4, 2001
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          I live on campus at Cullen Oaks, the new on campus housing. It just opened last semester. They have 1bed/1bath, 2/1, 2/2, 4/2 floorplans that range from 4000-5600 an academic year, payable in 10 installments due each month. *All* bills included, plus you get phone, cable, and ethernet. I like it here - it's convenient, but it's almost 100% undergrad, not that there's something wrong with undergrads, it's just strange being the only one studying all the time. At this time, they do not know if 1/1's are available because they don't know if people are moving out. Also, I believe they will have special rooms for grad students next semester, which would have been nice.

          I've only looked at Cougar Place and would have to say that for the few extra $$ it's worth to stay in Cullen Oaks. Cambridge Oaks is a regular apartment complex on campus - their rent it fairly high since it does not include any bills. I would say all three places are fairly safe, they are all gated.

          I moving out of my 2/1 at the end of the semester, I found a roommate (my brother) and it's cheaper to live in a 2/2 apartment. Which brings up a good point, if you have a roommate in mind, and you both are willing to pay around 500/month each, then you're likely to find a nice apartment within 5 miles. I stayed on campus my first year because I thought it would be better, but honestly, I don't think would have made that big a difference - plus I have the pleasure of moving again...

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