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UIC Dental Financial Situation

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Mar 3, 2012
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I interviewed at UIC in November and enjoyed my experience there. It seemed like they offer a good clinical education being in Chicago. However, I must admit, one thing that concerns me is the current financial situation of the school. I've been told that the state of Illinois owes them hundreds of millions of dollars and they had said tuition is expected to increase by 15% or more in coming yrs. That's a big increase! Can anyone, especially current students comment about the impact, if any, this may have on the quality of education at UIC? And also their experience at UIC so far? I would appreciate that very much.

Also, my other question concerns the new PBL curriculum that UIC has moved to. I know this is not for everyone, but I am curious to know what current freshmen at UIC think about this system of learning. Do believe it is more or less effective than the traditional lecture style?

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