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Jan 22, 2004
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last week i got an email from UIC MD/PHD program saying they received a batch of high scoring August MCATers and would like to invite me to apply....however i missed the AMCAS deadline...i called them to ask about an extension and they said i could get one if i wanted to seems like they are desperate to fill this program...i dont want to do MD/PhD though...has anyone received this email and applied as a result?


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Aug 21, 2005
Medical Student I was applying to UIC anyways...regular MD Amanda Cuevas sent me an e-mail about the program. I am actually applying to a few MD/PhD programs because I have a ton of research experience and honestly even with great grades and MCAT scores the only way I am getting into Wisconsin or Minnesota is by playing up my research experience. I submitted the medical scholars application to UIUC cause I figured what the heck, from what I have heard it is true they have had difficulty in the past filling all 25 or so slots (which is a ridiculous number of MD/PhD slots given they aren't NIH MSTP...which makes me wonder were the money is coming from cuz covering 25 students tuition and stipend has to be over a million bucks per class...albeit im sure the JD/MD and MPH/MD folks are paying their own way). I suppose if the process is going rough for you it might be an easy way to gain an acceptance...but if you don't really want that PhD you are going to hate your life once all your MSI and MSII friends hit their residencies and your stuck in some lab in Champaigne doing something you'd rather not be...just a thought.
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