Jan 2, 2021
Hello! I'm an IMG planning to take plab and do the fy1. I then plan on moving to Australia through the competent authority pathway. I want to pursue a surgery residency but it's only available to PR and citizens. Is it possible that the hospital I do my supervision (i.e. before getting the general registration) year in would sponsor me for a PR status? Or do I have to get my general registration first?
Also, if I do my core surgical training in UK can I apply for a PR as a surgeon( general) and take advance training in Australia?

I would really appreciate some light being shed on this matter. Thank you!


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Jun 12, 2017
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Hi EmrBee, it's possible you'll have some luck getting an answer here but the go to place if you want to talk to Australian students and doctors is the pagingdr forums: Login

Good luck!
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