UK Medical School: St George's

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Mar 21, 2000
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SGHMS is the only stand alone medical school left in the UK for those who want to know... It's in Tooting, South London which is not the best area, but also means that it's cheap (as far as london goes). The med school is attached to St George's Hospital which looks like it was built in the 1970s (ie fairly new building) and is quite small - about 120 students a year. It is pioneering a new type of med degree - the GEP (graduate entry programme) which is solely for students who already have another degree in whatever discipline (and involves taking the GAMSAT - based on Australia's med entry exams) and is shorter than the usual degree in the UK - only 4 years.

The degree you get from either course is MBBS (Lond), and St G's is the best med school in London (as far as I'm concerned...) They got 24/25 in their TQA (teaching quality assessment), they have the best student patient ratio in London (most London med schools have very few patients per student - which can be a problem), it's a really friendly place and they have the longest student bar in the UK. And all that only 20 mins by tube from Oxford Street or Covent Gardens...

You want a UK med school, SGHMS is the best!