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Feb 26, 2004
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Hey everybody,
I was wondering if anybody has any information about how is the transition from a UK medical school to a US residency. Specifically, St. Chris medical school has a program similar to the carribbean program with first year and a half in london and then rotations in united states....
does anybody know about the residency status of that particular program or in general about UK med shcools for USA and the advantages and limitations of it..
i'd appreciate any help...


At the risk of starting a flame war, please note:

St. Christopher's IS NOT a UK med school, as it is chartered in Senegal.

For what people think about the school, I recommend that you check out the St. Christopher's forum at www.valuemd.com


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Nov 19, 2000
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I was just going to add that St Chris is NOT recognised as a UK medical school (though it is based in the UK and probably has perfectly OK teaching).

In fact, it's very strange as a UK med student to hear about all these London based med schools, because they don't recruit here at all. They are primarily aimed at people who want to practise in the US though, so I would presume they are geared towards getting you there and through the USMLE etc, which UK schools aren't.


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Apr 27, 2003
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I attend St. Christopher's and I find that is a good school that provides a solid education. I am currently doing my clinical rotations in the US. I am currently in Atlanta and I am most likely going to NY next, then maybe connecticut. If you have any questions about the education, facilites, etc, feel free to email me or post them here.

St. Christopher's is chartered in Senegal with one base campus there and a branch campus in Luton, England. Most people attending the Senegal campus are Africans and the entire curriculum is done in french (senegal national language). The Luton campus is, quite honestly, the campus for the Americans/canadians. British students are not heavily recruited because St christopher's costs quite a lot of money and the british are generally not accustomed to having to take out large loans to pay for school. For us Americans, that is an everyday occurance.

The prospects for going back to America to practice after St. Christopher's is pretty good. The USMLE first time pass rate has consitently been high. For several years running, everyone who has been eligible to match has done so or pre-matched. Students have gotten good spots in residencies including a lot of University based residencies and competitive residencies such as Ophthalmo, neuro, and surgery. You can chekc out mdparadise and the Alumni page for a limited listing of people's residency placements. Again, that is not the full list of all grads by any means, but only the few who where willing to share their info publically.

If you have more questions, I am happy to try and answer them. I wish you luck in your decisions, and please, before commiting to any school (st chris or otherwise), visit the campus and see it first hand.
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