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    Hey I was wondering if any UMD med students could answer some questions for me. The first one being is the grading system based on a curve of some sort. Well the others ones will follow. I will just wait to get a response. Feel free to pm the response to me rather than post it here. Thanxs.:D
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    Hey Complex,
    Maryland does curve some of it's classes, but most of them are a straight A: 90, B:80, and C:70. In general, I think that their goal is to have 15% of the class get As, 70% of the class get Bs, and 15% of the class get Cs. They usually curve B's and C's more then they curve A's too, so for some classes the cutoffs for Bs dropped to 75%, and C's to 65%, while A's remained at 90%. Let me know if you have any other questions about Maryland.
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