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Sep 30, 2013
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The University of Michigan School of Dentistry is launching a master’s program in Oral Health Sciences (OHS). The first class (of four students) will begin in summer 2021. Looks like there will be a coursework track (to help those with low GPAs become more competitive for dental school admissions) and a research track (for those interested in applying DDS/PhD). It looks like it could be a program that would be beneficial to future dental school applicants. Thought I’d post it here hoping it helps someone out! It was just announced yesterday.

“The impetus for the new program relates to the competitive nature of the dental school application process as well as the shortage of a research workforce that engages in dental, oral and craniofacial health sciences.”

“The application process will open this fall with a plan for a pilot class of approximately four students who will start in summer term 2021. The 30-credit-hour program will have two sub-plans – a research-intensive track that requires an MS thesis and a course-intensive track that requires an MS capstone project.”


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