Jul 22, 2013
Resident [Any Field]
I keep going back and forth between the relative rankings of these 4 programs! The ranking of the other programs on my list are more clear cut.

Can u guys/gals pls chime in on how you would rank these programs (location aside), based on strength of program, quality of resident training, etc?

thanks a lot!!!!!!!!!
Aug 10, 2013
Medical Student
Hey, idk how helpful this is, but personally I would rank UMKC first of those if you put location aside. From talking to various faculty at my home program and elsewhere, it seems to have a little stronger of a reputation than the other 3 (possibly translating into a better fellowship match?). It also seems to be stable from the acgme standpoint with getting the new 10 year between site visit designation this year and historically having less frequent site visits than UTMB (haven't looked at the other two on there though).
As mentioned in another thread though, location is a big factor, especially with these four, so I wouldn't discount it in your rankings! I think you would get a solid education from all four