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Sep 2, 2017
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I recently got accepted into the BA/MD program at UMKC several weeks ago, and I was wondering if I should select the BLA (liberal arts) or Bio major. I have heard from past students that the majority of them select BLA, even if they meet all the pre-reqs to do a Bio major, although I don't necessarily know why. I've heard contradicting opinions mentioning that BLA is easier than Bio and you get more free time from BLA, whereas others say that they are of equal difficulty due to students in both majors are required to basically take the same courses. From any current or past BA/MD students, could you provide me some insights as to why that is and what your recommendation would be?

If it would help, I have the right AP scores to skip the equivalent college courses of AP Calculus AB, AP Calculus BC, AP World History, AP US History, and AP English Language. I also took AP English Literature and AP Chemistry this year.

Please let me know your suggestion on if I should take BLA or Bio based on your past experience / insights! I honestly have no "personal preference" as to which field I am more interested in, as both seem pretty neat.
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