Feb 13, 2021
I received a 514 (131/124/129/130). I am a Texas resident wanting to attend a school in the Houston area. I am applying this cycle but I'm wondering how much of a red flag will my score raise at schools like McGovern (I'm not really aiming for the top schools like UTSW or Baylor). I was performing relatively well on practice FLs on CARS, never scoring below 75%. I am the eldest and the first person in my direct family to apply to medical school and didn't know what to expect on test day so after the C/P section I freaked out because I couldn't gauge how well I did and kept thinking about C/P questions while I was trying to focus on CARS. Due to this I was not able to read the last passage and guessed on 5 questions. I will retake if it is something that I can not explain to ADCOMS but I am hesitant to do so in case I get a more balanced score but not significantly higher overall for example a 516 with scores ranging from 128-131. Is there something in my resume such as research experience or my essays that can prove that my CARS was due to test day jitters.

I have a 3.85 cGPA and sGPA with an upward trend. I am a neuroscience major with a pysch minor at a normal state school. I have around 700+ hrs of clinical volunteering from two clinics and around 500 in research (bench work, clinical research and empirical research) with a abstract in clinical research presented at a conference and a manuscript in empirical research which is currently under review (not in a very popular journal). I have 200 hrs of community service volunteering with children with disabilities. I have leadership experience in 2 organizations and my extra curricular is film making. I have the chance to complete an honors thesis next semester if that can also show I am able to think critically.
I'm not sure if it is significant to mention but I am of middle eastern background so ORM.
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