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UNC - any info.?

Discussion in 'Pre-Dental' started by eschou01, Oct 30, 2001.

  1. eschou01

    eschou01 Member 7+ Year Member

    Aug 15, 2001
    Hello everyone,

    I am interviewing at UNC on 11/17. For those who have already been there, I would appreciate any info. you may have on the interview process as well as the school (pros, cons, etc.) I hear it's a really good school.

    Also, what is the deal with residency status? I lived in North Carolina for 12 years, but then went to UofL for undergrad. Does this put me in a better position to get residency status after 1 year or am I stuck paying $30K each year?

    Any info. would be greatly appreciated. Thanks a lot!
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  3. ehop24

    ehop24 Senior Member 7+ Year Member

    Jul 28, 2001
    i interveiwed there on 10/20. i'll be honest, their process is not very efficient. they only do 4 massive interviews, whereas most schools do many small ones. that means you'll be there with about 60 other students. they will split you into 4 groups. you'll have 3 30 minute interviews....2 faculty, one student. it's a one on one interview. because they have so many students to interview in so little time, it can be a little chaotic. one of my interviewers didnt seem to care, or notice, that i was there. very disheartening. but don't be bothered if that's the case. many of the people i interviewed with had similar experiences. and that doesnt mean that they arent impressed. it just seemed like they tried to accomplish too much in too little time. you get the usual tours, etc. UNC has some of the best facilities in the country. the tour didnt do much of a job of showing it off. all in all, i came away with a luke warm feeling. i know that i couldnt have done a better job. but my interviewers could have. it's a function of the mass interview session. UNC is my top choice, but if it were based on my experiences there, it wouldnt be. it is an outstanding school in every respect. and chapel hill is an ideal place to live. good luck!
  4. waiting

    waiting Senior Member 7+ Year Member

    Jul 9, 2001

    I echo some of what ehop mentioned as far as the chaotic nature of their interview process at is a bit intimidating being there w/a gazillion other people, but I thought they did a good job considering that & it was well organized. Plus, I appreciated having a Sat. interview and not having to miss school/work....

    anyway, the interviews are just like ehop stated, 3 1-on-1. The facilities are very impressive & the school appears to have a lot of money in general. They also like to boast the fact that the last yr. US News ranked dental schools, which was 1994, UNC was 2nd....I don't know how much that really means. One thing that concerns me is the fact that so few go on to specialty programs. However, this seems to be more reflective of the fact that not too many UNC students want to go rather than them not having the opportunity to do so. Also, I asked one of the students about their boards scores and he said UNC does just about average, maybe a little better. This also concerns me esp. since the student mentioned they're not given any time whatsoever to study for them....nevertheless, UNC is most likely where I'll go next yr., both in terms of cost for me and the fact that Chapel Hill is a fun place to live. It's gonna be a tough choice though as i've found Penn, UConn, Columbia, & UCSF to be equally impressive if not more so....

    about residency....I'm not really sure how much the fact that u used to live here will help you, but I'm sure it can't hurt. They are a bit anal about residency status here but I know a 4th yr. from California who was able to establish it from their 2nd yr. on. It wasn't simple, but he did do it. The easiest state school that I've heard of for establishing residency so far is UConn...basically, after 12 mos. of being there you're considered in-state.

    Hope this helps & lemme know if you've got any more ?

  5. eschou01

    eschou01 Member 7+ Year Member

    Aug 15, 2001
    Thanks a lot for the info, guys! You have been very helpful!

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