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UNC - Chapel Hill deadline


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15+ Year Member
May 22, 2006
  1. Psychologist
So UNC Chapel Hill has this, and I quote, on the psych website about their deadline. "Applicants for admission are encouraged to submit all materials by December 1. Consideration and acceptance of applicants will begin on that date, and continue until the entering class has been filled. However, all applications received by January 1 will be considered once completed.

I would really like my current mentor to look over my personal statement, which he has agreed to do, before I send it in, but, obviously, Dec 1st ends in a few hours where I am. Clearly he isn't looking at it today. Do I submit my application as it is today, or get him to look over my personal statement tomorrow, so it will be better, which he will do, and submit my app one day past the ideal deadline? I know that Chapel Hill has about fifteen hundred thousand bazillion applicants - who doesn't. This could be considered in my favor or against it, when deciding what to do.
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Apr 14, 2008
I'm guessing and have no basis for knowledge... but, I would think that a solid application before the deadline is a solid application.

I doubt 24 hour priority would knock you out of the running if you are a top applicant.

Worst case scenario, and there's a tie between you and someone else, if the postmark is their tie breaker... they need a better system.

Good luck !
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