• Full cost of attendance scholarship
  • inexpensive area to live in
  • small class sizes
  • Very diverse class
  • Strong record in Primary Care
  • Buildings and facilities seemed dated
  • Didn't have the best interview experience
  • Not sure what I'm interested in just yet, but may not be primary care

  • full tuition scholarship
  • love the campus
  • chapel hill and triangle area have a lot to do.
  • close to family
  • love the passion I get from students and admissions
  • Major hospital access
  • Connected with students on visit day.
  • seems like a lot of construction surrounding the medical school
  • Step 1 scores took a dip
  • Cost of living and other expenses ~20k/year

Summary: Both scholarships are amazing, I'm grateful. The ability to leave with no debt from ECU or minimal debt from UNC is great. Is UNC worth the debt, if I were to choose that? I know rankings matter, but how much.
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