UNC OOS chances?

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Jul 1, 2019
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Hi everyone!! I'm wondering what my chances are for UNC Chapel Hill as an OOS student. I just took my DAT and got a 22AA with a 20 TS but got the average for OOS in RC (24), QR (23) and PAT (24). None of my sciences were below a 20 though if that makes a difference. I have a 3.82 overall GPA and a 3.8 science GPA, with a good amount of volunteer and shadow hours as well as extracurricular activities and jobs. I also studied abroad in Tanzania and did research on ethno-medicinal plants in rural communities. I am planning on submitting my app in the next 10 days! So basically what I'm asking is do you think that I have a shot?? The TS of a 20 is throwing me off with the OOS average being a 24. Thanks in advance!!
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