Nov 25, 2020
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  1. Pre-Occupational Therapy
Hi! I haven’t seen a lot of chatter on here about UNC OT for the 2020 application cycle and I’d love to hear from anyone else who applied to the program. What are your stats and have you heard anything yet? I know it’s still a little early to have heard about an interview but I’m anxiously awaiting any news :).
My stats are psychology major 3.997 GPA, prerequisite GPA of 4.0, no GRE, one letter of recommendation from an OTR, two from professors, and one from a professional capacity. I have experience as a research assistant, experience as a special education student teacher, 46 hours as an ot volunteer in outpatient pediatrics (was hoping to get more but ...COVID :/. ), and around 30 hours of experience through the NCOTA fall conference.
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