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I know that the name of the undergrad school you went to isnt one of the most important things the adcoms look at, but i was wondering if you go to a top 20 school, and your gpa is lower than if you went to your state school, would adcoms recognize that? would a 3.6 at a top school be comparable to a 3.8 at a lower school? how important do you think name really is?


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It depends to which schools you are applying. If you look at Yale's incoming list, typically 50 percent of the students are from other Ivy League schools. So at Yale, the undergraduate school you attended is probably given some consideration...how much is certainly up for debate. At other schools, there may not be any consideration given to which undergrad institution you attended. And I don't think anyone can give you a confident answer like, add +0.2 to your GPA if you attended Stanford, or something silly like that.
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