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Jun 1, 2013

First of all, I have been reading this board obsessively for months and it has been so helpful. Thanks everyone! As I prepare to start the application process for clinical phd programs, I wanted to see if anyone could offer me some insight:

I think I have a pretty solid application overall. I have been lucky enough to work in a full time research position for the past 2 years and have 2 publications, currently working on a third where I will be first author, a poster presentation at a national conference, good GRE scores (166 V, 162 Q, 5 writing), and a good undergraduate GPA (3.77, psych gpa 3.89) from a top 50 university. The only thing that has me worried is my GPA from my masters program. When I graduated undergrad, I was leaning towards med school and decided to get my masters in neuroscience after having majored in psychology...basically the worst idea ever. It was a 1 year program meant for those who had majored in neuroscience...I felt completely overwhelmed and graduated with a 3.3. Does anyone have any input as to how much this will affect my chances at getting into a program? Every time I look up schools and look at their average GPA for accepted students, I feel so confused because my undergraduate GPA always measures up but I am not sure if I should be considering my graduate GPA as well. Additionally, would it be a good or bad idea for me to address the lower GPA in my SOPs? I have heard mixed advice on this from people I have talked to.

Thank you! Also, sorry if this should be in the what are my chances thread, I wasn't sure.
Mar 24, 2014
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I don't think I would say anything about the GPA in your SOP, but having a good rationale for why you are leaving neuroscience for a clinical program would be important. Just make sure to not knock the hard science aspect since that is a big part of a clinical program, as well.
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