C.S. Peirce

Feb 14, 2014
Boss verbal, esquire.

I for one am tempted to say that you should call it good with that score. The total is around the average for accepted applicants and your science scores are not THAT low. Unless you're shooting for top MD programs, my guess would be that a score like that wouldn't hold you back.*

Yeah it's imbalanced, but it's imbalanced in a way that's pretty rare for a med school applicant (usually it's high sciences and low verbal scores). I've even heard rumors that admissions committees focus a bit more on VR scores because they're less influenced by preparation and brute memorization than the other two sections.

*The key word in that sentence was "guess." I am absolutely not an expert in matters of med school admission.


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Jan 1, 2014
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No but seriously I only used actual AAMC questions to practice and spent most of my time figuring out why each correct answer was better than the others. The key is to understand the test makers internal logic and get a sense for it. If you can't convince yourself why the correct answer is absolutely better than the others then you haven't understood the question.
Thanks man! Great advice.