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Cuenta Secreta

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Feb 7, 2017
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The program is totally self study. But its to the point that the professors are complete unqualified and exams have questions that are totally unfair. The university claims to have an English program, but its so fake. More than half of the professors can't even speak fluent english, meaning presentations are even in spanish. The dean has a superiority complex or something - cuz hes crazy and loves to tell you that youre basically a piece of ****. IT IS ALL A SCAM!!!!

Im currently a student and I've spend 2+ years here and I'm so transferring out to any place that might take me. Ive been pushed to the breaking point too many times - Close to mental breakdowns. And I'm not the only one. at least 5 of my class mates that i know of have had to see psychologists and therapists because of what this school does. It breaks you down, it destroys any motivation you have. And if you wanna complain? HAHAHA they laugh straight in your face and tell you thats basically what you signed up for. You're nothing more than money to them.

Classes can be from 8am-10pm, and then you have one exam every single week. And in the 7th, you have two exams every week.

Let's talk about the grading system now. You start out the semester with 100 points. Lets say the first exam is 20 points, that means the test is 40 questions meaning each question is worth half of a point. Let's say you score 50% in the exam - that means you missed 20 questions - minus 10 points. How is this scored? haha, now you subtract 10 points from the 100 you started with. Boom- after the first exam youre at a 90, say goodbye to getting an A.

So, passing grade is a 70. Now for the major classes like Anatomy in 5th semester, Physiology in 6th semester, and Neuroanatomy/Pharmacology in 7th semester, you have an exam called an NBME. Guess how much that is worth..... 20 points. You can fail a course EASY just by not doing well on the NMBE..

Now lets talk realistically. Lets talk about Anatomy (which is 15 weeks):
-the first exam is upper/lower limb, worth 20 points. lets say you get an average of 13/20. Minus 7 points ----you are at a 93.
-second exam - thorax and back - worth 15 points. Average was about 11/15 - minus 4 points----now youre at 89. Bye A.
-Third exam - abdomen, pelvis - worth 15 points. Average was 10/15 - minus 5 points----youre at 85.
-LAB! the cadavers are BLACKKKK, you can hardly identify anything at all. and you also have 2 lab exams and you have the potential to lose 30 points. so lets say you got a 12/15 on the first lab exam - minus 3 points. and you got an 11/15 on the second one. Minus 4 points...Now youre total grade is a 78..
-You still have an NMBE national shelf exam worth 20 points! and you can only miss 8 points or else youre below a 70, and you fail the class. And the best part? they give you a week to prepare for it, and in between that week, you have your finals for all of the other classes youre talking this semester. Good luck trying to pass..

I can't even tell you how many students have failed courses. And granted in these group of students who failed, some of them didn't study. But some of those other students graduated summa cum laude. What does that tell you?

I can go on and on about this. If anyone has any questions, please email me, even if its 5 years after this post. [email protected]

Wiggly Tuff Da Ruff

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Sep 4, 2016
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Wow. I'm sorry for your experiences, they sound terrible. Good luck! If you can, look into AUC, I have some friends that are in residency who came from AUC and a friend in AUC right now. It's not easy, but at the very least they're making it through. Good luck again!
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Pastafarians Unite!
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Oct 11, 2006
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I can't speak to whether this school is good or bad. But your complaints about their grading system don't really make much sense.

So -- you start with 100 points. The first test is worth 20 points. There are 40 questions, you score 50%. Hence you lose 10 points. Your maximum score is 90. So you can't get an A.

This is exactly the same as saying that the first test counts for 20% of your grade. You get a 50% on the exam. Let's say you get a perfect 100% on the rest of the exams (80%). (0.2)(0.5) + (0.8)(1.0) = 0.1 + 0.8 = 0.9 = 90%. There's nothing unfair about the grading system. It's simply that if you get a 50% (a terrible score) on an exam that counts for 20% of your grade, your maximum grade is now a 90%. That's just math.

The rest of your examples - 13/20 = 65%. 11/15 = 73%. 10/15 = 67%. So basically you've scored in the high 60's or low 70's on tests that now count for 50% of your grade. It should not be a surprise to you that you're not going to get an A in this course. With the way averages work, you need to consistently get 90% scores on each test to maintain an A average (assuming there's no curve).
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